bowAI USB Charging Smart Sweeping Robot [30 % OFF]

bowAI USB Charging Smart Sweeping Robot Intelligent Sweeping Robot Household Appliance Cleaning Machine Sweeping Machine Vacuum Cleaner – Grey

Main Features:
● One button to start, convenient and fast.

● 6.8cm slim body, easy to cross the bottom.

● Suitable for ground: flat ground (marble, tile, wood floor, etc.).

● Clean up garbage: such as soot, melon shell, snack debris, dust, hair, sawdust.

● The cleaning cloth absorbs water and decontaminates, prevents slippery ground, and is easy to clean.

● Durable, one-button start, smart ride, strong suction, quiet and environmentally friendly, lasting battery life.

● 100-150 square meters of apartment can be easily cleared up in one hour.