HUOHOU HU0045 Knife Sharpen Stone [23.09% OFF]

Description :

HUOHOU HU0045 Knife Sharpen Stone Double Wheel Whetstone Kinfe Sharpeners Sharpening Tool Grindstone Kitchen Tools

– High Quality Grinding Wheel 
Uses a high-quality grinding wheel, Rough / Meticulous Grinding can be achieved, sharp sharpening, very sharp– ABS Resin
Adopts high standard ABS resin material, which has the comprehensive performance of PB, PAN and PS. It has strong impact resistance, high safety, light weight, non-toxic and easy to clean.– Diamond Rough Grinding Wheel 
The diamond grinding wheel is a special effect tool for grinding high-hard and brittle materials such as cemented carbide. It has the characteristics of high abrasive holding strength, long life and low wear

– Ceramic Meticulous Grinding Wheel 
The ceramic grinding wheel has the characteristics of stability, heat resistance, water resistance and high strength. Its high precision can effectively eliminate the burr of the k-nife edge and smooth the blade grinding, making it sharp

– Suction Cup Design
Adopts suction cup design, which can be attached to the tabletop with one push, is very safe, and effectively avoids accidental injury caused by improper operation.

Specification :

Brand HUOHOU ( XIAOMI Cooperation Brand )
Model HU0045
Material ABS + Stainless Steel
Color Black
Weight 110g
Size 13.8 x 7.2 x 3.9 cm