Gateway Laptops: A Great Opportunity


About Gateway

Gateway Laptops: Gateway was founded in 1985 in the United States. It has grown to become one of the best technology brands.

The company started as Gateway 2000. In 2004, the company acquired eMachines, one of the world’s fastest growing and most efficient PC manufacturers.

In 2007, the company Acer acquired Gateway, and are now the third largest PC company in the world.

Gateway‘s mission is to make the experience of buying, owning and using a PC comfortable and hassle-free for its customers.

Laptops Description

Regarding Gateway products, the company’s laptops are worth mentioning. These laptops have very good features such as their 10th generation processor developed by Intel, they also offer an excellent audio experience tuned by THX and cinema quality videos powered by NVIDIA. And best of all, is that they can be purchased at very reasonable prices.

Where Can I Buy Them?

Gateway products are sold through retail stores, online, and distributors in the United States, Mexico, Canada, Japan, China, and the Asia Pacific region.

If you are looking for a new computer, Gateway has you covered. Affordable and reliable, Gateway laptops are a great option for work, school, and everything in between. Check out Gateway laptops, accessories and more, on our disccount button: